the stanifesto

Welcome to Stanley Marketplace. This is no ordinary marketplace. We are a community of like-minded businesses and people who believe in doing things differently:

With way more than the bottom line in mind.

We have grand ambitions and we are guided by mighty beliefs.

We believe in bringing people together and making them happy.

We believe in making connections: between neighborhoods and generations and strangers and friends. And we do that, by taking down fences and building bridges, figuratively and literally.

We believe the best rules are simple and clear:

Love your neighbor. Leave each place better than you found it. Be good and do good.

We believe in honoring the history of the land we temporarily occupy. Bob Stanley was the first American to fly a jet plane. He also invented the ejection seat. There is a history of innovation here, of boldness. We embrace it.

We embrace collaboration and curiosity, too. Also good food and music and dancing in the grass.

We are locally inspired and community desired. We asked ourselves what would make the best marketplace in the universe. Then we asked our neighbors. And then we built it.

We are guided by the belief that there is nothing better than spending time with family and friends in a beautiful place with excellent food and incredible views.

Every day is an opportunity to put goodness into the world. Positivity is contagious. Kindness is a virtue. We live these beliefs, and that’s why we are all at home here.

A store is a place people go to buy things. Stanley Marketplace is where people go to live: to eat, drink, work, play, learn, grow, gather, and explore, to see friends and make new ones.

We’re Stanley Marketplace, and we’re here for good.