Holiday Meals (To-Go)

Holiday Meals (To-Go)

Enjoy your favorite flavors for the holidays. Save time in the kitchen with these go-to to-go favorites:

Chook Chicken:

  • Chookmas for family: Whole Chook, three shareable sides (including Green Bean Casserole + Stuffin’), large salad, and a Füdmil Cherry Pie, $74.95 Feeds two adults and two lil’ chicks.
  • Big A’s Timesaving Picks:
    • Party portions (feeds 4-6) of Green Bean Casserole, Stuffin’, and Mac
    • A la carte Füdmill Cherry Pies ($24) for when you need a break from cookies.
    • 12 ounces of Gravy, which, in our very biased opinion, is so good that we’re calling it a Christmas miracle.
    • Attimo Wines, because sometimes it’s visions of red, white, and rosé are what dance in our heads. 
    • Mercantile Pickled Products to adorn your cheese and charcuterie spreads or use to mix up a martini for “Santa”.
    • Pot Pies + Chook Pies because they’re a breeze to freeze and then throw in the oven come when you need ’em in between school holiday pageants and Elf on the Shelf hiding. 
    • Still searching for that perfect something? Chook Gift Cards, merch, and chicken salt are the way to go. Win favor with flavor.
  • Chook Stanley will also be open for regular service and Chookmas orders on Friday, December 23 from 11 a.m.-8 p.m. and on Christmas Eve Day (Saturday, December 24) from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. They’ll be closed on Christmas Day but back open on Monday, December 26.

Elita Specialty Kitchen and Market

  • Elita Christmas Tamales: Chorizo and potato, roasted green chilé and cheese, chicken mole – 1/2 dozen, $18
  • Porchetta Roast (3lb minimum): Pork Loin, wrapped in pork bell, tuscan orange zest rub, tied and ready for roasting, $25
  • Beef Tenderloin Roast (3lb minimum): Trimmed and tied, $32. Add-ons: Elita holiday rub, $7, fresh herb, cracked black pepper and garlic, $9

Rosenberg’s BagelsHanukkah Specials

  • Half dozen latkes, $18
  • Half dozen sufganiyot, $18

Create Kitchen & Bar

  • Batch Cocktails:
    • Brut Rosé Cava, $35
    • Coquito Kit, $79
    • Brut Cava, $35
    • Cherry Limeaide Kit, $79
    • Negroni Kit, $79
    • Old Fashioned Kit, $79