Spring at Stanley Marketplace, Denver and Aurora’s Hub for All-Day Fun

Stanley is a hub for everything that you’re looking for in a fun-filled day. Whether you’re a family with all ages of children in tow, a couple looking to enjoy a Saturday together, or an individual just looking for some good shopping and dining, Stanley Marketplace is the perfect stop for your spring day.

From morning to night, there’s something to do. The early risers will enjoy coffee and bagels and biscuits and whatever else satiates the appetite. Days can be spent browsing innovative boutiques and shops, and exploring wellness services like Beyond Human and Fly Kickbox. Afternoons and evenings are for winding down with a drink and some appetizers at Traveling Mercies or a cold one at Cheluna Brewing.

Even if you’re just looking to re-up your stock of dog treats at Bonez for Budz, or get a birthday bouquet for a friend at Poppy & Pine, you’re likely to discover a number of other features at Stanley that make you want to stay. In fact, you might find Stanley is a place where you lose track of time—and that’s a good thing.

Combine Stanley Marketplace with Fun Nearby This Spring

Stanley Marketplace is a destination all on its own, but it’s also conveniently located in proximity to a number of other vibrant experiences that allow you to make a day of it, wherever that day might begin.

Just 5 minutes from the TOCA Sports Center, you might swing by for a bite after your kid’s soccer game. If you find yourself 7 minutes away at Anschutz Medical Campus, you can brighten the day with some shopping and self-care at Clementine’s Salon and Skin Care. If travel ball or other team sports land your family at Aurora Sports Park for a tournament, you can celebrate your win just 20 minutes away at Stanley Marketplace. Here for good are some of the most creative, local shopping near the Gaylord Rockies Resort and Convention Center, less than a half-hour away.

Located just behind Stanley, Westerly Creek Park is home to the Westerly Creek Greenway, which connects to Denver’s Central Park neighborhood. It’s easy to spend an afternoon biking or strolling along this landscaped corridor filled with public art. Before or after, Stanley is your convenient destination for pre- and post-walk festivities.

What’s better than a peaceful family stroll along a greenway? A peaceful family stroll followed by Mediterranean tapas at the highly-publicized Boychik or brisket at the area’s best Rolling Smoke BBQ. Likewise, a yummy cocktail can provide the perfect bookend to a day spent playing in Westerly Creek Park.

Make Your Own Fun with Community Events this Spring at Stanley

You might even find a community event on the Stanley Marketplace calendar that coincides with your existing spring plans, or justifies a trip on its own.

  • Bring your lawn chairs and spread out a picnic blanket for “Film on the Field” every last Saturday evening through the spring and summer, beginning at dusk.
  • Enjoy jazz music at Stanley Marketplace every Sunday.
  • Join Cheluna Brewing Company for their “Run, Walk, or Roll” event, an invitation to move your body followed by discounted beverages and a community meal, every Tuesday.
  • Keep an eye on the events calendar or sign up for the newsletter to stay updated on happenings — there’s always something afoot at Stanley Marketplace, especially in the spring and summer!

This time is yours. Use it however you see fit at Stanley Marketplace.