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Stanley Marketplace Community Benefit & Marketing Fee

In addition to state and local taxes, each purchase at Stanley Marketplace starting April 1 will include a 1% Stanley Marketplace Community Benefit and Marketing Fee (the “SCBM Fee”) which funds projects for the community’s benefit to continuously improve and enhance the marketplace experience.

The SCBM Fee is not a government tax. It is a privately imposed fee. Each receipt will indicate the amounts of the SCBM Fee and the sales taxes applicable to each purchase, or the “Sales Tax & Fee” line item on each receipt will reflect the combined amount of sales taxes and SCBM Fee applicable to each purchase.

Please note that the SCBM Fee is also subject to certain state and local taxes. Fees will be reinvested in the environment and experience at Stanley Marketplace, including landscaping, roads, sidewalks, utilities, marketing, special events, security, parking and lighting.

For additional information on the SCBM Fee, please email

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