Billy Goat & The Gosling

Billy Goat & The Gosling

We are thrilled to share that these beautiful humans — Jeff and Danielle Patton of Goose & the Goat — are opening a new business at Stanley this month called Billy Goat and the Gosling. Our chief storyteller spoke with them about that:

Q. Friends! We’re thrilled you’re opening a second business at Stanley. Tell us about Billy Goat & the Gosling.

A. Billy Goat & the Gosling is a kids’ shop for the campy, casual outdoor Colorado kid!

Q. Wonderful! What will the space look and feel like?

A. Well, we have to keep with the camper theme [a full-size camper serves as the kids section inside Goose & the Goat, which opened in January 2017], so Jeff is working on building out a pop-up camper as our main feature!

Q. Love it! What are some of the products you’re most excited about carrying?

A. We are really excited about carrying a couple new Colorado brands: Savvy Threads and Spruce Seed apparel. And I couldn’t help myself: we had to pick up a stuffie line from my childhood, a German-based brand called Steiff!  

Q. The kids’ section at Goose & the Goat is wonderful. Will you keep that there?

A. We will keep the shoes there for sure – but overlap a bit on some of the accessories.

Q. What made you want to open a second business at Stanley?

A. The community!! Through everything this last year, having the Stanley community for support— from the other business as well as from the customers—makes us want to have a million businesses at Stanley!

Q. We would love that! When do you think Billy Goat & the Gosling will open?

A.  We are shooting for early April. Fingers crossed!

Q. That’s exciting! In the meantime, where can we find Billy Goat & the Gosling online?

A. We are on Facebook at Billy Goat & the Gosling and on Instagram here: Our website is under super mega construction right now:

Thanks so much for speaking with us, friends. We can’t wait to see your new space!

Jeff and Danielle join a lovely contingent of Stanley biz owners who have two businesses at our marketplace. We often refer to our community of business owners as our #StanleyFamily, and we’re so happy to see our family grow.