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Chook Charcoal Chicken

Chook offers delicious, responsible food, easy to take home or enjoy in their relaxing and thoughtful environment, an environment where hospitality speaks attention and fun. Their food’s clean, sourced from those who care and respect our land, and cooked to the highest ideals. Chook’s guests feel at home, children, families, dates, solo artists. And Chook is a B Corp. certified business that makes a point to be a great neighbor. Delicious. Responsible. Fun.

December 15, 2020

"The Bold Arrow of Time" by Tame Impala, who's an Aussie

Doing the work today for a better tomorrow.

Chook is a Certified B Corp, which means that we have met the highest environmental and social standards. We value people and planet just as much as profit (we're walking the talk!).

The community engagement! We love partnering with other vendors & local organizations in the neighborhood.

Our chicken, yes, but we have oodles of veggie options. A salad for lunch (with or without pulled Chook) is a must.


Open Daily: 11AM - 8PM