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Cheluna Brewing Co.

Awarded 5280’s Best New Brewery in 2017 and a Great American Beer Festival Pro-Am bronze medal in 2018, Cheluna is Colorado’s first Latino owned and Stanley’s only production brewery, with a beautiful taproom, complimentary snacks, and live music three nights per week.

Low Rider Mexican Lager (available with a lime and Tajín rim, or as a delicious Michelada) and our lucious Lupita IPA are our best selling beers, accounting for more than 25% of sales most days.

"Despacito" ~ a warm and inviting environment which encourages people to slow down and relax.

Focus on the Good ~ which relates to the delicious small batch craft beer we make, and also the good we can do for others, the good we can find in others and in the beauty of life every day.

Most people don’t know that we’re very much a super small business with just one location (at Stanley), and that we have just a handful of employees. We as owners do not yet pay ourselves a salary. All of our revenue slowly pays down our small business loan, pays our rent, and pays our employees, and anything extra goes back into the growth of Cheluna. One of our employees has worked for us since we opened, which is coming up on five years ago now, another four years, and the other two full-timers are three years in with Cheluna. We are really a family unit at this point, and we function very much as a family. We believe in creating a home away from home, both for our customers and for our employees.

¡Día de los Muertos! We have always created a Día de los Muertos altar inside of Cheluna, and we’re stoked to see this beautiful cultural tradition celebrating the lives of our loved ones expand to a Marketplace-wide celebration.

Everyone should definitely try our delicious house made cacahuates con chile y limón (chile lime peanuts), and our Chilango Mango Habanero Hefeweizen (served with or without a rim of Tajín). Also our popotes de tamarindo con chile ~ our tamarind chile straws are SO GOOD with beer!


Monday & Tuesday: 12PM - 9PM
Wednesday & Thursday: 12PM - 10PM
Friday & Saturday: 11AM - 10PM
Sunday: 11AM - 8PM