The Giving Wall at Stanley – Stanley Marketplace
  • by Stanley
  • Community Outreach
  • December 5, 2018

The Giving Wall at Stanley

As we say in the Stanifesto, “One of the bestways to take care of yourself is to take care of others.”  We know lots of you agree with that sentiment. While most of us are ready and eager to do something, we don’t always know how or where to start. The Giving Wall is here to help with that: it’s an annual tradition at Stanley that gives our visitors (and especially our regulars) an incredibly simple and convenient way to help people, children, families, and even pets during this holiday season.

The Giving Wall is located just inside the south entrance of Stanley Marketplace, right in between the entrances to Logan House Coffee Co. and Denver Biscuit Co. It is hard to miss: it’s a conspicuous sort-of box that also looks like a shiny gift, decorated with glistening garland and colorful ornaments.

Perhaps the most important ornaments adorned upon this wall are the cardboard tags that list the age, gender, initials, and wishlist items for an individual or individuals in need who are clients of the Aurora Housing Authority or Denver Housing Authority. These are people who may not receive gifts this holiday season without the goodwill and support of others (and by others we mean you). The tags also include facts such as a favorite color or favorite treat that the person listed may enjoy.

Participating in the Giving Wall is easy. Just walk right up and take a tag, then purchase a gift valued at around $25 for the person (or pet) listed on that tag. We’d love if you purchased these gifts at Stanley Marketplace businesses, but you certainly don’t have to. Whatever you purchase, wrap that gift, attach the original gift tag you took from the Giving Wall, and deliver the wrapped gift to Squadron Co., the boutique located on the mezzanine level of Stanley above Mondo Market. Please do this by December 14th. Our friends at the Aurora Housing Authority and Denver Housing Authority will collect all the donated gifts and deliver them to people and families in need this December.

Those of you who have children are encouraged to bring them with you to The Giving Wall. This is a great way to teach generosity and philanthropy to your kiddos at a young age, plus giving back is an excellent way to bond with your family during the holiday season.

Last year, through the Giving Wall, our remarkable community donated 313 gifts to people and families in need. This year, within the first 24 hours of the wall being setting up, all of first 80 tags we placed there initially were claimed. We’ve replenished the Giving Wall with new tags a few times, and we just added more today. Ifthey run out, we’ll add new ones, though that does sometimes take our friends at Aurora Housing and Denver Housing a few days.

Thanks for reading, and thanks especially to those of you who are helping others this holiday season via our Giving Wall program. We are so grateful to all of you.