Q&A with Logan House Coffee Co. – Stanley Marketplace
  • by Bryant Palmer
  • Stanley Family
  • October 26, 2016

Q&A with Logan House Coffee Co.

Our pals Brooks and Andre at Logan House Coffee Company are wonderful humans and we’re sure you’ll love getting to know them once they open at Stanley. (Their space is well underway!) Here’s an excerpt from an interview with Andre from when they first signed on to our #StanleyFamily of businesses.


STANLEY: What will your presence bring to the Aurora and Stapleton communities?
ANDRE: We’re going to bring a unique and comfortable coffee experience to the surrounding communities. Not only will you be able to come in for a cup, but we’ll also deliver our coffee product to your door!

STANLEY: Of all your job responsibilities, which one do you enjoy the most?
ANDRE: Taste testing! Every month we put out a new roast from a distinct farm around the world. These coffees are all unique and roasted to perfection.

STANLEY: If we have a summer movie series at Stanley, which movie would you want us to show first?
ANDRE: Star Wars! One of the original three.

STANLEY: At Stanley we’ll highlight a different nonprofit organization every month. What’s one of your favorite Colorado nonprofits?
ANDRE: Colorado Uplift – it’s a fantastic organization that uses a relationship approach for at-risk youths in Denver Public Schools. It’s by far one of the most effective in-school program I have ever seen, pairing mentors and life coaches over multiple years.

STANLEY: What is your favorite activity that can be done only in Colorado?
ANDRE: Enjoying a cup of our Midday Moon blend while loading skis and golf clubs in a car. Skiing in the morning, then booking a tee time from the chair lift and proceeding to pick up 9 holes in the afternoon.  Only in Colorado.

STANLEY: Tea or coffee?
ANDRE: Seriously, that one’s too easy!

STANLEY: Favorite item at a picnic?
ANDRE: Frisbeer! It’s incredibly fun. Check it out.

We’ll share some new photos of the Logan House space via the Stanley Insta page, too.