Q&A with Clementine’s – Stanley Marketplace
  • by Bryant Palmer
  • Stanley Family
  • October 28, 2016

Q&A with Clementine’s

hair salon pop-up

Clementine’s hosted a hair salon pop-up at Cheluna Brewing the day of 5280 Dines at Stanley.

We’re delighted to share that our pals at Clementine’s — one of the best hair salons in the country — have expanded their Stanley plans since they first signed on way back when. (They were the 10th business we officially announced.) Now their space is going to include all the features of Clementine’s you know and love, plus a special events room and a waxing business. Here’s a Q&A with owner Dani Everson, who opened the original Clementine’s with her husband John in LoDo about five years ago.

STANLEY: Describe Clementine’s in just one or two sentences.
DANI: We are a neighborhood-focused salon. We pride ourselves on education and customer service.

STANLEY: Of all your job responsibilities, which one do you enjoy the most?
DANI: I love being behind the chair and making someone’s day better.

STANLEY: Our event space will be perfect for live music. Who would you most want to see play in the Hangar?
DANI: We would love to see Bud Bronson and the Good Timers. They’re an awesome local garage rock band.

STANLEY: We’re making plans to highlight different nonprofit organizations regularly at Stanley. What’s one of your favorite Colorado nonprofits?
DANI: Lifeline Puppy Rescue. We’ve done work with them in the past and love them.

STANLEY: Our mascot is a paratrooper; would you ever dare to leap from an airplane?
DANI: Nope, sorry!

STANLEY: Speaking of planes, if you were given an airline ticket to anywhere in the world, where would you go right now?
DANI: I would go to Germany with my husband. He spent a large part of his childhood there and I have yet to go. Besides, who doesn’t love a good schnitzel?

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STANLEY: If you could tame any animal in the world and make one your pet, what animal would you choose?
DANI: Kangaroo.

STANLEY: Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram?
DANI: Instagram.

STANLEY: Tell us three things that make you happy.
DANI: Sunday brunch, paying with exact change, and discovering new music.

We hope you enjoy getting to know our #StanleyFamily of businesses and business owners as much as we have. We’ll be sharing more Q&As like this one throughout the coming weeks.