FAQs – Stanley Marketplace


Oh Hey!

Here’s some info that will help you enjoy your visits to our friendly neighborhood marketplace. 



Where is Stanley?

We’re in northwest Aurora on the border of Denver’s Stapleton neighborhood, at 2501 Dallas Street. We’re in between Denver International Airport and downtown Denver (which makes us a great first stop or last stop for visitors to Colorado.)


Do you have free parking?

Yep. We’ve got 400+ parking spots, more parking available on the streets around us, and more than 60 bike racks. We love people who walk or take a ride-sharing service here., and we’ve got a unique Lyft pick-up and drop-off station on the west side of our south parking lot, close to the Stanley Beer Hall patio. If you’re new to Lyft, use code STANLEYMP to sign up.


What is Stanley?
Glad you asked! We’re a community-inspired food hall and urban marketplace, the modern version of the kinds of markets where people have been gathering for thousands of years. (Some people refer to us as like a mall, but way cooler.) All 50+ of our businesses are local and independently owned. And we host all kinds of events, so there’s always something new taking place at Stanley.


Are you open right now?

Probably! Each of our businesses keeps their own hours. Our fitness businesses start at 5AM on many days; Logan House Coffee Co. opens at 7AM each day; Rosenberg’s Bagels and Denver Biscuit Co. are open for breakfast and beyond. Most of our boutiques are open from 11AM to 6PM, and most of our restaurants are open until 9PM or 10PM. For more specific hours, check the listing of specific businesses in the marketplace section.


Can I buy a Stanley gift card?

Yes! As of December 2018, gift cards may be purchased in person at June Ruby, Little Wolf, and Squadron Co. Gift cards may be redeemed at any of those places and also at Comida, Goose & the Goat, Logan House Coffee Co., Mondo Market, Stanley Beer Hall, Trunk Nouveau, and Velvet Wolf. We expect to add more businesses soon. Purchase your gift cards here!


Can I throw a party at Stanley?

Maybe! We have an incredible events venue called The Hangar at Stanley and a variety of other smaller event spaces. Here’s more info on all of those: www.stanleyvenues.com. Several of our businesses have private and semi-private event spaces, too.


Can I reserve tables in your common areas?

We don’t allow people to reserve seats or tables in our common areas. If you’d like to host a gathering for a group of people at Stanley, your best bet is to work with our events folks or to contact a specific business that offers group reservations or private and semi-private space. Of course, you’re also welcome to invite people you know to meet you at Stanley and enjoy our offerings; we just can’t guarantee that you’ll have, say, a table for 20 on a Friday night without making special arrangements. Please note that we don’t allow food and drinks from non-Stanley businesses inside Stanley.


For more information about hosting a private or semi-private event at Stanley beyond what’s detailed at www.stanleyvenues.com, consider looking at Aim High, Annette, Cheluna Brewing Co., Clementine’s Salon & Skincare, Mindcraft Makerspace, and/or Union Stanley.


What’s your animal policy?

While we love pets, they are not allowed inside the building, except for at Logan House Coffee Co. (If you bring your pet to Logan House, please enter and exit via their patio door only.) Per Colorado law, we allow service animals trained to perform a particular task inside Stanley. We have lots of outdoor space where pets are welcome, including a five-acre field on our property, and our west patio, where we host rescue dog adoption events every spring and summer.


Is Stanley accessible?

For sure! We have eight handicapped parking spaces at Stanley, as well as ramps that lead to our sidewalk and ADA-compliant doorways. The doors at our South entrance are push-button operated. We have two elevators inside Stanley, one in the northeast corner of the building, near Kindness Yoga and Create Cooking School, and another in the southwest corner of the building, in between Sweet Cow Ice Cream and Comida. There’s an accessible restroom along the west corridor near The Hangar at Stanley.


Do you have a private place for nursing mothers?

Yes! Nursing mothers are welcome to visit June Ruby, on our mezzanine level above Logan House Coffee Co., near our southeast entrance, to use one of their dressing rooms as a private nursing space during their open hours.


Can I open a business at Stanley?

Probably not right now, but maybe one day. Stanley is fully leased and has a track record of much lower than average business turnover. That said, we may have opportunities in the future. If you’d like to join our waiting list of potential businesses, email us your business plan and interest to info@stanleymarketplace.com, along with links to your social channels or website and a detailed explanation of why your business might be a good fit at Stanley. The businesses most likely to land on our waiting list are ones that know and understand our Stanifesto and have a business that complements our #StanleyFamily community.


Do you offer tours of Stanley?

Absolutely! We love giving tours of the marketplace, particularly to sizable groups with a particular interest in education, history, forward-thinking development, and the City of Aurora. Reach out to info@stanleymarketplace.com to see what’s possible.


May I post flyers at Stanley about my business / party / school / deep feelings?

We have five directories at Stanley, one at each entrance, but we reserve those for Stanley businesses and events that take place at Stanley. This means we don’t allow flyers and posters from non-Stanley related businesses and events.


Has Stanley won any awards?

Why, yes, yes we have. Stanley received the Colorado Business for the Arts Business of the Year award for our support and nourishment of the arts, as well as multiple design awards for the repurposing of this historic building. We’ve been declared the Best Place to Go Shopping by the readers and editors of 5280 magazine. And our businesses have won bookoodles of awards, including Eater Denver Restaurant of the Year (Annette), champion at the Denver Burger Battle (Stanley Beer Hall), Great American Beer Festival medals (Cheluna Brewing), Best New Coffee Shop (Logan House). The list goes on and on!


How did Stanley come to be?

One of our favorite questions! Here’s a deep dive into our origin story via Preservation magazine. We also love this article about our Stanifesto.


Why do you have #dogoodbegood in big letters on one of your walls?

One of our biggest goals at Stanley Marketplace is to be a positive force in the communities around us. We added #dogoodbegood to our wall not far from where our Stanifesto is posted as a daily reminder to us and to you that one of the best ways to take care of ourselves is to take care of others. We have partnered with multiple local nonprofits on a variety of initiatives and will continue to do so for as long as we exist.


How do I get in touch with you?

For general inquiries, lost and found, and to tell us how much you love us, email info@stanleymarketplace.com. For media inquiries, contact bryant@stanleymarketplace.com. To book an event here, visit www.stanleyvenues.com and click on Inquire About an Event.


What about kids?

We love kids! And we’re a family friendly place. But kids aged 13 and under need to be supervised by an adult when they’re at Stanley, and any kiddo acting inappropriately at Stanley will be sent back to their parents or asked to leave.


May I submit a request for a donation?

Due to the overwhelming amount of donation requests we receive, we recommend that people seeking donations for fundraisers and other philanthropic initiatives reach out to individual businesses here first. We and most of our businesses are philanthropically minded, and tend to support organizations with whom we have ongoing relationships. For Stanley, that includes a number of local nonprofits that we support in a variety of ways throughout each year. While we wish we could facilitate and fulfill every request that we receive, that’s not feasible for our small yet mighty team. Contact information for our 50+ businesses my be found on the marketplace section of our website.