Backyard at Stanley – Stanley Marketplace
  • by Bryant Palmer
  • Happenings
  • June 4, 2020

Backyard at Stanley



We’ve added multiple outdoor tents here at Stanley to make it easier to enjoy Stanley food, beverages, and more outdoors this summer!


**Masks and social distancing are required.**




–We have grassy lawns with painted circles so small groups of people who know one another may gather, picnic-style. These may be enjoyed any time Stanley is open.


–Our big tent by Westerly Creek has big red spools that may be used as tables.

A few more notes about Backyard at Stanley:


•Maximum group size outdoors is 10 guests. These should be people you know who are in your circle, of course — social distancing is legit and important!


•Guests should wear masks and practice social distancing while at Stanley. This is a requirement, to help us keep our employees (and everyone) safe.


•Outside food and beverages from non-Stanley businesses are strictly prohibited. Thank you for supporting our locally owned small businesses!


•Alcoholic beverages purchased from Stanley restaurants and bars in To Go containers may be enjoyed in our tents and on our grounds.


•Alcoholic beverages purchased at Mr. B’s Wine & Spirits-Stanley Marketplace may not be consumed anywhere at Stanley; that’s a straight-up violation of our liquor license.


The inside of Stanley is open every day from 7AM to 9PM, full of locally owned small businesses happy to see you!


Thanks for reading, good people! We are eager to see you at Stanley — in your masks and with smiles underneath.