Stanley Marketplace
  • by Bryant Palmer
  • Stanley Family
  • February 20, 2017


We’re aiming to be a place people visit for one reason and then stay for seven more, and that’s why we’ve teamed up with such a variety of business owners. One of the first to sign on, and one of the first to finish construction on her space, is Dr. Carrie Dougherty and her team at Stapleton Dental. Here’s a Q&A we did with Dr. Dougherty way back when she first joined the #StanleyFamily. Learn more about her business (and make an appointment!) at

STANLEY: Please describe your business in a few sentences – name, origin, specialties, etc.
CARRIE: Stapleton Dental was one of the first dental offices in Stapleton! I started it back in 2007. We are a general dental office so we love to treat the whole family. Since we’ve been a part of the Stapleton community for many years, we’ve watched Stapleton grow and evolve – and our business has grown. Stapleton Dental’s staff is a really an extension of my own personality: Laid back, friendly, eager to help and please, and playing the best music you’ve ever heard in a dental office. 🙂

STANLEY: What made you want to join Team Stanley?
CARRIE: I love the idea of a smart, vibrant, mixed usage marketplace that incorporates health/wellness, retail and restaurants. It’s exciting to be part of something bigger than my practice, or an office building – Stanley is a destination for families in the Stapleton community. I will enjoy finding common ground with the other small business owners and discovering unconventional ways our businesses can complement each other. Also as part of our move to Stanley, we are growing Stapleton Dental’s capacity so we will be ready to meet the demand we are being presented with. I am excited and proud to be a part of Stanley from day 1!

STANLEY: What will your presence bring to the Aurora and Stapleton communities?
CARRIE: I think I am more than just people’s dentist. I am a friend, a Stapleton mom, a neighbor. Patients tell me that when they visit my office it feels like catching up with friends. I am looking forward to presenting that same feel of a warm and approachable dental office to the growing area in Aurora, as well as continuing what we’ve done in Stapleton.

STANLEY: What other tenant at Stanley are you most excited about?
CARRIE: Oh, all of them! I am excited to utilize all of the services, do some shopping, and hang out at the restaurants. And I think everyone (including my patients) is looking forward to having a beer after a work day.

STANLEY: What is your favorite activity than can be done only in Colorado?
CARRIE: Skiing in the morning and be back in sunny, 85 degree Stapleton, at a pool, in the afternoon. Or, gimme a break, not much compares to a beautiful evening at Red Rocks!